Clergy and Staff


The New Testament mentions Apostles, Bishops, Elders or Presbyters, and Deacons. Jesus chose certain men to be Apostles, and the Apostles ordained men as Bishops, Presbyters and Deacons.

When the Apostles died, the men chosen to succeed them in their office came to be known as Bishops. It is evident by the year A.D. 110, in the writings of St. Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, that the threefold ministry of Bishop, Presbyter and Deacon was established in the churches. Over time, those serving as Presbyters came to be know as Priests.

The New Testament also teaches us that every member of the Body of Christ has been given gifts to use in service to Christ. We encourage all members of our church to discover their gifts and use them to help build up the Body of Christ. Our staff consists of both ordained clergy and gifted lay people who have been called to serve Christ.

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