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The Orthodox Church is...

  • Orthodox-Church1cropThe living continuation of the original Christian Church, founded by Christ Himself with a 2,000 year old unbroken historical connection to the Holy Apostles.

  • The 2nd largest Christian Church worldwide with over 300 million faithful; within the United States there are only 1 million Orthodox Christians, which represents less than one half of 1% of the total population.

  • The Church of St. Patrick of Ireland, St. Olaf of Norway, St. Genevieve of Paris, Pope Leo of Rome, St. Martin of Tours, St. Jerome, and St. Nicholas.

  • The Church that existed before the Bible, wrote the Bible, established the canonical books within Scripture, and has throughout the centuries consistently interpreted and lived the Biblical tradition.

  • The true temple of God and Body of Christ where He dwells not in a building but within its very members constituted through the sacramental life; especially Baptism, Chrismation (Confirmation), and Holy Communion.

  • The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic true Church of God on earth because it has kept the fullness of Christ's truth, the complete deposit of faith, without distorting additions or damaging detractions, and in continuity with the Church of the apostles. 

We make these claims in all humility admitting the shortcomings of our personal Christian witness. We have no intention of calling into question the sincerity and integrity of other Christians. But we do assert that if a person carefully examines the history of Christianity, he or she will soon discover that the Orthodox Church alone maintains complete sacramental, doctrinal, and canonical continuity with the ancient undivided Church. For more information on the history of the Church, we encourage you to read this article: Church History.

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