Sunday Services

We invite you to join us! Here's our general schedule for each Sunday Service!

(please visit our full calendar for other service times.)


8:30 AM     Matins Service (Gr. Orthos)
sunrise-webThe morning matins service is a quieter service where attendees' benefit from a contemplative atmosphere led by the priest and chanters. It begins with the reading of six psalms and continues with several hymns of the day, a Gospel reading, and more commemorations. Everything that is chanted worships God and teaches us about the lives of the Saints, or celebrates the festivities of the day.



9:45 AM     The Divine Liturgy
The Divine Liturgy is a cooperative service where the congregation and choir join the Priest in singing prayers of worship to God.

Many things take place in this service including liturgical processions, the offerings of incense, the veneration of icons, the lighting of candles, several communal prayers, the partaking of blessed bread and of holy communion, and the invoking of the sign of the cross; all of which are ancient expressions of the Apostolic worship of God. Although not an end in themselves, these worship expressions are profoundly symbolic of much greater spiritual things. To learn more, please visit the Liturgical Worship page.





10:30 AM    Sermon
A sermon is normally given to the entire congregation, but occasionally, it's given specifically to the children before they leave for class. Sometimes there's an additional service or event taking place after Liturgy so a sermon is passed over; but on most Sundays, a sermon is offered. To hear some of Fr. Mark's profound sermons, please visit our Audio and Sermons page.




10:45 AM    Holy Communion
Holy Communion is administered to baptized Orthodox Christians only, if you are not Orthodox, you may participate in everything else without concern. This includes receiving the blessed bread at the end of Divine Liturgy.



11:00 AM     Youth Education and Children's Sunday School
Youth-Study-webChildren-Study-webAfter Holy Communion, our Youth (13-18 yrs) and Children (5 to 12 yrs) leave for their religious education classes.

These classes generally follow the public school calendar, and include taking a summer break.




11:30 AM     Fellowship Hour
Immediately following the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, we fellowship together in the Community Center next door. Please join us for coffee, food, and fellowship!

We'd love an opportunity to get to know you better, and to welcome you into our Parish family with open arms!

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